Couple projects wrapped up.

I put together a new website for my dad over the past 72 hours after learning he paid for a SuperPages ad link. A doubt very little business will be drummed up by a link on a phone book website and he has a better shot getting traffic from Google Places, however he remains confident after speaking with the sales rep several times. The results of this little A/B test shouldn’t be too surprising.

The website has a clean, airy feel that is easy to navigate and looks best on wide screen and higher resolution monitors. A quick quote form is placed in the footer to attract the attention of fast moving visitors. Unique copy was written by a professional in order to attain organic keyword search results. Proper tag hierarchy, sitemap and meta tags have been implemented for Google spiders. The jQuery Fancybox lightbox plugin was implemented for easy photo viewing.

You can view the results of the A.R. Paduchowski Electric website by clicking here.

I was also able to wrap up with website for the Armenian International Women’s Organization. The group required a CMS website that would be used as a public relations tool, community calendar, and income generator. The website features dynamic, customizable sidebars, an updatable Artist gallery, flickr gallery, book sale page and event registration. It was a pleasure working with AIWA.

You can view the results of the AIWA website by clicking here.

A Web Designer’s Portfolio

I came across an article posted on 1stwebdesigner that goes over some good principles for creating an online web design portfolio. I gave it a read because I recently completed a redesign for Overall, I think I did a decent job adhering to their advice. A main point from the article is that web designers should maintain objectives when marketing themselves by overtly stating what kind of web designer he or she is.  It is also claims that it is important for web designers to offer a realistic scope of services. Stay grounded! A lot of website design companies offer services that are out of their league, such as SEO.  The third piece of advice states that designers should concisely describe themselves' on the 'About' page. Don't be wordy! No one wants to read about your entire life history.

Where I tend to shy from the article is in the social media aspect. A lot of time is wasted on these websites that could be productively spent with SEO. Yes, I do have a linkedIN account, but only as a symbol of "social proof". And yes, I did recently create my first Twitter account, but this is only to maintain relationships with those I have already made connections with. In my experience web designers get new clients, like any other company, from search engine results and word of mouth recommendations.

New NH Web Design Business

I am happy to launch a new website and give a fresh look for the nh web design marketplace. I am looking forward to sharing my resources with people, businesses and other organizations in the New Hampshire and Bay State areas by getting their products or services online. For those businesses looking for better search results, I will be sharing important search engine optimization tips and techniques.

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